The teen years can be challenging, even more so for teens who are highly sensitive, on the autism spectrum, or have ADD/ADHD. 

Mastering the Teen Years (& Beyond)

Is an 8-week live & interactive online program for teens ages 13-17 to promote personal growth in mental, physical, and emotional well-being. This impactful virtual program equips teens with the knowledge, tools, and practices to mindfully create a strong inner foundation to deal with challenges now and into the adult years. The program facilitates improvements in self-esteem, relationships with family & peers, self-management skills, & building up resilience during life's challenging moments.

Teens are supported with tools & practices to approach the following challenges.

~ Dealing with Bullies
~ Remembering & organizing schoolwork
~ Executive functioning skills
~ Getting along & connecting with parents & peers 
~ Multi-tasking and managing school, work, activities, family
~ Being confident in themselves and embracing who they are, as          they are

The group meets virtually for 1-hour once a week to...

Be part of a safe & supportive group  

because the connection with other teens is important to collectively practice new skills.  

Engage in weekly dialogs 

because regular and active engagement increases learning.   

Explore topics like mindsets & beliefs, executive functioning skills, stress management, emotional intelligence, relationship skills, mindfulness, & more

because their lives are complicated & everyday interactions are easier when they have a better understanding of themselves and others.

Investigate various mental & physical health-promoting techniques ​

because we are all different & not every teen will resonate with every skill. 

Application & accountability 

because information alone does not create change, but information + action does. We will support one another in putting the new practices & techniques into action. 

The next group starts on January 27, 2022.

Because this is a small group of teens that will work & grow together, it is important that each teen meets certain requirements to participate. If you feel your son or daughter would benefit from being part of this group, please schedule a time to meet with me by clicking the button below.

Teen Program Inquiry 

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Would my insurance company cover the cost of this group? 

If your insurance plan offers benefits for occupational therapy, your insurance company may cover the group's cost minus deductibles. Please contact your insurance company to verify the benefits of
-Group occupational therapy services (CBT code: 97150)
-Occupational therapy evaluation, low complexity (CBT code: 97165)

Common treatment diagnoses covered for this type of group intervention include;
-Development disorder of scholastic skills,
-Autistic disorder
-Other specified delays in development
-Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
-Frontal lobe and executive function deficit
-Other symptoms and signs involving cognitive functions and awareness
-Undue concern and preoccupation with stressful events
-Unspecified acute reaction to stress 

Please notify the instructor if you need additional information included on your receipt in order to submit it to your insurance. 

What are the facilitator's credentials? 

The group is facilitated by Dr. Elizabeth Joy Shaffer, OTD, OTR/L. She has been working with children and families worldwide for 20+ years. She is also a mother of two teens and is passionate about giving teens the tools and foundation to be strong, happy, and confident adults.

Certifications include: 
National Board-certified occupational Therapist (US)
HeartMath Healthcare Practitioner
Mindfulness Practioner (Level I, II, III)

Click HERE to find out more about Dr. Shaffer's professional experiences.

What are the rates of your services?

The total cost of 8 group sessions is $960 (USD). This cost is typically reimbursable through healthcare or educational programs which cover occupational therapy services.

What happens if my teen doesn't want to continue with the group?

I strongly encourage teens to participate in at least 4 sessions to fully evaluate and become familiar, comfortable, and connected with the group. If you or your teen have any concerns, I encourage you to share these concerns with me as soon as you have them so they can be addressed. If you or your teenager is still unsatisfied at the end of the 4 weeks, please write an email to [email protected] requesting to withdraw from the group. At this time, future payments for sessions will cease and if these sessions have been paid, you will be refunded the remaining amount.

What occurs during a session?

Each session begins with a welcome, a check-in, a simple exercise, and a review. We follow up with the topic of the week and the tools associated with it. Lastly, discuss insights and questions ending with growth work for the upcoming week.

How can my teen or I contact the facilitator?

Contact the facilitator by email, phone, or WhatsApp: Elizabeth Joy Shaffer, [email protected] | +372 - 524- 3703


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