Empowering Parents, Teachers & Children (Neurodivergent or not) Around the World

For Parents

Online Workshops

The Resilient Parent is a 6-week interactive workshop with tools, practices, & support to minimize overwhelm &

create a deeper parent-child connection.

Free Monthly Meetups

Open online discussion to share tips & tools for supporting your child's skill development & your parental/personal growth.

Parent Coaching

Individualized support & strategies for both the parent & child to stress less & manage challenging behaviors in a way that helps everyone learn & grow.

Educators & Practitioners

Professional Seminars & Training

Onsite & online talks, & workshops giving tools to promote self-regulation, social/emotional & executive functioning skill development in the classroom & at home.

For Teens & Children

The Social Stage

Online Group

NEW - Online workshop combining improv theater & creative speaking for children ages 10 -13 to develop emotional intelligence and social skills in a fun, dynamic, & engaging way.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Sessions are provided virtually for children up to 18 years of age to work on specific goals identified by the child or parents to promote skill development & independence at school & home.


Elizabeth (founder of Therapeutic Innovations International) is an expert in what we special needs parents need and want, for ourselves and for our amazing kids. She is the full package: wisdom, skills, compassion, energy, dedication, and the most encouraging smile.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for who you are and all you do!

Heidi Rome

Founder of Moms Oasis

Elizabeth Shaffer (founder of Therapeutic Innovations International) has built an amazing program for parents to learn how to deal with the stress of parenting a child with special needs. Not only is she a rock star in her field of study, but she is a wonderful human being.

April Remfrey

Remfrey Educational Consulting

Collaborative Partnerships





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