Innovative strategies, solutions, and support promote optimal life skill development through online and onsite programs for children, teens, parents, schools, and educators worldwide. Our programs are inclusive and support growth for all individuals but are designed to support the needs of the neurodivergent individual.

Our Clients

Parents & Caregivers

Online short courses, coaching, and community aimed at minimizing stress and increasing joyful and loving connections for neurodiverse families.

Kids & Teens

Individual and group online interventions to strengthen the child’s development in self-management, self-regulation, emotional intelligence (EQ), and executive functioning skills

Schools & Educators

Deeper knowledge, support, and evidence-based tools founded on the principles of Universal Design and Self-Regulated Learning, supporting all students of all learning abilities in the classroom.

We recognize the need to deliver more impactful, accessible, and sustainable services and support that empower neurodiverse individuals with the tools and support to thrive, not just survive in school, at home, and beyond. This means not only helping children but also their incredible and hard-working parents & teachers. The child’s growth and development come from both inside (individual skill development) and outside (nurturing and empowering environment for optimal growth).


Elizabeth (founder of Therapeutic Innovations International) is an expert in what we special needs parents need and want, for ourselves and for our amazing kids. She is the full package: wisdom, skills, compassion, energy, dedication, and the most encouraging smile.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for who you are and all you do!

Heidi Rome

Founder of Moms Oasis

Elizabeth Shaffer (founder of Therapeutic Innovations International) has built an amazing program for parents to learn how to deal with the stress of parenting a child with special needs. Not only is she a rock star in her field of study, but she is a wonderful human being.

April Remfrey

Remfrey Educational Consulting

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