Ready for a change in 2024?

The Empowered Parent course, coaching, & global community tackle common parenting challenges such as...

Overwhelm & Frustration

Difficult Parenting Moments

Too many "to-do's" not enough fun

3 Steps to Start the Empowered Parent Path


You will gain a deeper awareness of the unconscious actions, habits, beliefs, or external factors impacting your well-being through exercises & questionnaires specifically designed for parents raising children with extra needs.

We can't create new habits and behaviors unless we identify what habits & behaviors are not serving us. This inner awareness will guide you in choosing the right tools and techniques for you.

We will grow together as a group, but you will select which path & strategies best fit your specific needs.

Healthy Mindset

We can't change others, but we can change our perspective & thoughts toward them, the situation, & ourselves.

Our thoughts directly impact our reality, emotional state, and relationships. In this course, you will engage in activities that will allow you to take a closer look at how your thoughts may positively or negatively impact your mood, relationships, and actions.

Then, you will participate in various exercises to create new thought patterns, habits, & beliefs to fit your desired role as a parent.

Increased Energy

We can't give what we don't have, even though many of us do this to the demise of our health & well-being.

As parents, we are often giving from an "empty bucket" and not an energy "overflow." This leads to negative health consequences for our nervous system, adrenal fatigue, & burnout.

In this course, you will discover what unconscious behaviors to avoid that needlessly deplete your energy. Then, you will create & put into action a new "positive energy plan" so you connect with your kids from a place of love and joy (striving, not surviving).

Taking this parental growth journey with us will change the prism through which you see yourself as a parent & your child. You will learn & use simple but effective tools & practices to approach everyday situations with more consciousness, connection, and calm.

How The Empowered Parent Courses & Global Community Supports Transformation:

Online Short Courses

Our lives are busy & having bite-size tools & tips we can implement immediately allows for faster changes.

Guidence & Support

Acceptance, accountability, and action comes when taking the parental growth path alongside an open-minded global community that gets you.

Virtual Meetups

Feel free to join our virtual question, answer, and discussion meetups because it's easier to make changes in our life when we feel inspired and supported.

Our program combines short lectures with interactive group coaching and Q&A meetups, designed to foster a supportive community while providing personalized guidance. Each week focuses on a specific theme, building upon the last to create a comprehensive journey towards resilience and positive parenting.

Enrollment Opening Soon

Discover innovative (yet easy to implement) approaches to create more joy in your life, & stress less, then demonstrate these new ways of showing up for your kids (so they can learn to do the same).

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This online course, coaching, & community gives you the tools & support to:

  • More energy and mental clarity to see things that bother or trigger you in a new light.

  • Become less triggered & more resilient as you see & experience the things that used to trigger you in a new light.

  • Mindfully model how you want your child to respond in stressful situations.

  • Feel More Joy as you focus more on what is good in your life while being mindful of the thoughts that take you into the "problem loop."

  • Manage confrontations, outbursts, meltdowns, and intense emotions with more patience, empathy, and compassion (for yourself & your child).

  • Lead by example, teaching your child to feel more joy and less stress by implementing new tools and practices.

Why this course & community & why now?

  • When we experience high levels of stress, our relationships become strained & stressed. When we better manage our stress, the door opens to creating more positive & loving connections to those around us.

  • When our health & wellbeing suffer, the family suffers.

  • Our children (especially our sensitive ones) feel our emotions. When you are overwhelmed or feeling discontent, even when you say you are OK, your body & emotional energy tell a different story. What emotional energy do you want to share with your child? Frustration, guilt, sadness or courage, gratitude, acceptance & love?

  • No one taught us how to handle parenting challenges, how to care for ourselves so we can better care for our children, & how to balance everything.

  • Life can be different when we have the right tools, & support to create a new story.

  • By showing children that being an adult does not solely equate to stress and burdens but also includes opportunities for joy and fulfillment, we can instill in them a healthy perspective on adulthood.

  • When we are feeling happy and less stressed, it is MUCH easier to help our kids feel this way, too.

The Resilient Parent is designed to address the specific needs & challenges of parents raising children who are differently abled and neurodivergent. However, the knowledge gained is applicable & open to all parents.

(I believe in inclusivity for all)

Course Program

Phase 1: Increase Awareness

Week 1 : Getting Started - Introduction to Resilience and Self-Assessment

Expected Outcomes: Understand the components of resilience, assess your current level of stress and well-being, and set personal goals for the course.

Week 2 : Change Starts with Awareness

Main Topic: Identifying Stressors and Triggers

Expected Outcomes: Gain awareness of personal triggers and stressors, and understand their impact on your parenting and personal well-being.

Phase 2: Develop a Healthy Mindset

Week 3 : The ABCs of Outbursts & Overwhelm

Main Topic: Understanding Triggers and Responses
Expected Outcomes: Learn to identify external and internal triggers, and begin the process of changing your responses to reduce overwhelm.

Week 4 : Develop A Healthy Mindset

Main Topic: Managing Negative Thoughts and Emotions
Expected Outcomes: Learn strategies to manage Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) and develop a healthier, more positive mindset.

Phase 3: Increase Your Energy

Week 5 : Increase Your Energy

Main Topic: Energy Management and Self-Care
Expected Outcomes: Explore what depletes and enhances your energy, and learn techniques for emotional, mental, and physical energy management.

Week 6 : Remaining Resilient

Main Topic: Self-Regulation and Building Resilience
Expected Outcomes: Understand self-regulation, learn from past mistakes, and apply strategies to maintain resilience and positive energy.

By the end of this course, you will feel less "triggered" by stressors, experience increased resilience, and adopt new perspectives and approaches to challenges. Expect to minimize feelings of guilt, shame, and frustration while increasing feelings of gratitude, joy, and love in your parenting journey.

Parent's Testimonials

This is something that every parent needs to do for themselves and their children. I did not even realize I needed this course, but I am so grateful I joined.


Mom of 2-teens (one with ADHD)

My relationship with my son has completely changed. I have replaced feelings of guilt and resentment with love and acceptance. Thank you!


Single mother of child with developmental delays

Extremely helpful. Clearly we need to be able to reduce our own stress and stress in the household in order to help the kids reduce theirs.


Mother of two with special needs

Dr. Shaffer is not only knowledgeable, but extremely empathetic and relatable. She shares and opens up fearlessly about her own parenting experiences to invite a safe space for parents and caregivers to get support, be heard and get inspired! She is a privilege to meet and learn from. A true gem!


Mother of a young girl with autism

Excellent resource for parents looking to make that leap from frustration to problem-solving mode. Parents will gain the confidence that working to regulate our own emotions and stress will help us carve out a safer space and a calmer environment for both parents and children to thrive.


Grandmother of two highly spirited boys

Your Facilitator

Dr. Elizabeth Joy Shaffer

International Speaker

IFIP Distinguished Fellow & Educator

Mother Mindfully Managing Neurodiversity

Published Researcher (Parent Stress)

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Parent Coach

Holistically supporting families worldwide since 2001, drawing from professional & personal experiences, adding in Eastern & Western wellness practices to bring innovative & impactful solutions to child development, neurodiversity, & parenting.

Would you like to join us? I invite you to check out our course & community guiding parents through self-regulation and personal development techniques so we can approach challenging moments in a way that we (and our kids) learn & grow (not regret and want to forget).

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have time for this?

I know how busy our lives are as parents. The tools and strategies in this program are designed to give you more energy and time, not take away from it. If you are like most of us, you unconsciously spend mental and physical energy on things that are not worth your time, which takes you away from the crucial things in your life, connecting with yourself and loved ones. One of the benefits of this program is letting go of the things that needlessly take our energy so we can have more quality time with ourselves and our kids.

Can I just try this out first to see if it is for me?

Absolutely! Personal growth is not for everyone. Also, we all have our own ways of doing things. I have designed this program for those who need accountability and regular meetings and those who want the information but only have time to fit it in when they can (such as listening in the car, etc.). If you sign up for the pre-recorded course and decide this is not for you within the first seven days of joining the program, just let us know, and you will get a full refund. If you joined the live & interactive class(s) and you change your mind before we meet, send an email to for a full refund.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

If you can't attend the live & interactive online workshop, let us know up to 24 hours before we meet for a full refund. Cancellations within 24 hours will not recieve a refund (but you can gift it to a friend - just let us know, and we will replace your name with theirs)

What if I want to join the live classes, but the time does not work for me?

I try to offer times that fit schedules for parents around the world. If you want to join our live workshop, but the day/time does not fit your schedule, you can do the self-paced program with monthly check-ins. Also, you can fill out this form, and if there are enough people who also want similar class times, I will create another live session.

How can I get my questions answered?

If you have any questions, you can contact us through our contact page, or by email at

Let's come together & change the parenting paradigm to make life as a parent more enjoyable & less stressful. Begin approaching challenging moments in a way that we (and our kids) learn & grow (not regret and want to forget).

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