"The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better."

- Gloria Macapagal Arroyo -

Collaboration & Connecting Great Minds with Great Visions, Can Make Great Changes.

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Regulated Learning for All

Professional Development Training for Schools: Collaborative training approach where educators gain the knowledge & tools to build the child's cognitive, social-emotional, and sensory regulation abilities within the classroom.

Podcasts, Interviews, & Summits

I have spoken about many topics, from "Changing the Parenting Paradigm" to "Occupational Therapy in the Classroom: Self-regulation Success for All." I love sharing information and inspiring stories with others.

Professional Seminars & Training

Onsite & online talks, & workshops for teachers and professionals working with children providing tools to promote children's self-regulation, social/emotional & executive functioning skills.

I'm Dr. Elizabeth Joy Shaffer, an Occupational Therapist, mother, and educator. My passion is helping parents to mindfully manage stress so they can help their children who are highly sensitive, on the autism spectrum, or have ADD/ADHD to do the same. Giving parents the knowledge and tools to live with less stress helps the entire family. Click the button below to see my published research on this topic.

Elizabeth has such a wealth of knowledge from her Occupational Therapist training, but also her own experience in raising kids on the spectrum. She always wants to learn more, so she can pass that knowledge on to her clients and surrounds herself with a network of other practitioners who can support her clients as needed. She is such a warm and caring person, she will feel like your best friend the moment you start working with her, and you'll know you are in good hands.

Melissa Deally

Your Guided Health Journey

Elizabeth is an expert in what we special needs parents need and want, for ourselves and for our amazing kids. She is the full package: wisdom, skills, compassion, energy, dedication--and the most encouraging smile. Thank you, Elizabeth, for who you are and all you do!

Heidi Rome

Mom Spectrum Oasis

As a special educator and rehabilitator, I accomplished a personal and professional transformation when I met and started working/collaborating with Elizabeth Shaffer. Her words and support helped me be more open-minded, have a greater and deeper understanding for parents and their children, and their everyday struggles and challenges. Elizabeth is extremely professional, extremely knowledgeable, positive, and very passionate about her work, and she is able to convey her knowledge and passion to others. Her guidance helped the foundation of our center, one very unique place for early intervention services for parents and children.

Maja Trajchova

Founder of Kreativa Istok

Elizabeth Shaffer has built an amazing program for parents to learn how to deal with the stress of parenting a child with special needs. Not only is she a rock star in her field of study, but she is a wonderful human being.

April Remfrey

Remfrey Educational Consulting

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